Andy "Bitch Ass, Dumb Mothafuckin, Getting Our Hopes Up Every God Damn Year, I Know I'm Big, But I Don't Give a Fuck- You Fat, Stupid, FUCK" Reid was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles from 1999 to 2012, and is currently the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Reid had a successful tenure with the Eagles, accumulating 130 wins, 6 division titles, and an NFC Championship win. However, later struggles in his career led to his firing. EDP was very critical of Andy Reid in his early videos, though he still admits he's the greatest Eagles coach of all time.

EDP's thoughtsEdit

EDP's disdain for Andy Reid began as early as 2011, where he recommended he be fired in the video "EAGLES GET MOLESTED 31-14". It wasn't until the 2012 season where EDP began advocating his firing in a more aggressive manner (he even recommended the entire team be fired in the video "Fire Every Trick-Ass Bitch On this Weak Ass Team 28-13").